Thank you for a great #ATDALC session! (get the Handout and Power Point files here)

Thank you everyone who attended my session at the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference. The participants were awesome and contributed lots of great thinking points as we made our action plans to improve our ATD chapters’ sustainability. Here is the Power Point deck that I used for the presentation.

Here is the handout that gives you several tips to take away from the training.

Please contact me if you would like to talk more about any of the issues we discussed in the session. Thanks again for an awesome weekend of networking and learning!


Gamification in the Classroom – Making Employee Benefits Fun

I recently completed my Level 1 Gamification Apprentice certification from Sententia, a world-renown consulting agency for training program gamification.

What is Gamification?

Think about all the fun we have playing board or card games with family and friends. Now think about those occasional training sessions where we struggled to keep our participants energized throughout the course. Imagine if we could combine our training tactics with entertaining game components to create a fun, engaging learning experience. That’s gamification!

Gamification takes the psychological and behavioral sciences surrounding game design (video, card, board games, etc.) and implements those ideas in training programs to enhance active learning. The main idea here is that we want to make learning more fun and engaging in the same way that rolling dice, drawing cards, or jumping over Donkey Kong’s barrels enthralls gamers.

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Feedback: Keys to the Manager’s Mind

I recently had a conversation with a young manager who was focused on improving his team’s work quality.

He was frustrated that some of his employees weren’t performing as well as he expected. I asked him what he was doing to help those employees perform better, and he responded that he just expected them to get better with more time and experience. He had assumed his team members knew that they were doing sub-standard work, but really it was him who failed to give them feedback.

This is a common scenario, especially with newer managers. “Why aren’t my employees performing well?” Because you haven’t told them that they’re not. Learning, even at its most basic level, requires feedback.

Many of us are afraid to say negative things to others, especially about work quality. Others may simply not know how to give constructive feedback. Regardless of which category applies, here are five tips that can help everyone provide good feedback.

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Social Media the Millennial Way! (video)

I recently gave a brief talk about social media use at the Association for Talent Development – Detroit Chapter’s annual Knowledge Share event. Some folks who couldn’t be at the event asked me to record a recreation of the presentation, so I have obliged.

If you’re new to social media or looking for ways to increase your professional presence online, the 30-minute chat is worth the watch!